As YOUR Kentucky State Treasurer •••

I will do the job with diligence, effectiveness, and efficiency.

  • Encourage transparency by opening the books, letting Kentuckians know where our tax dollars are going
  • Use financial empowerment initiatives to educate and protect our youth, Kentuckians living with disabilities, and our seniors
  • Call for true fiscal responsibility, not be a "rubber stamp" for the Governor

I will use the Constitutional powers of the office to go beyond the minimum job duties to advocate for and defend the people of Kentucky.

  • Convene community conversations in all 120 counties to hear Kentuckians' needs firsthand
  • Fight to protect funding for our public schools and defend our public educators and state employees

I will play the pivotal role in setting the agenda for a modern, sustainable Kentucky economy.

  • Advocate for new sources of revenue and fair tax reform that does not balance the budget on the backs of our working families
  • Encourage investment in infrastructure improvements, public education, and greater access to broadband internet access